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It is significant to us that faces of the soldiers
are moulded after the ones of GI's who died in Périers or its area

Richard Edmund Richtman (1924-1944)

Richard E. Richtman  (1924-1944)
Richard E. Richtman

Richard E. Richtman was born on November 26, 1924, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was the son of Elisabeth and James Richtman.
His mother died when he was five years old, and he was raised by his father and his father's parents. He loved his grand mother Nell Richtman, like she was his mother !

He had a sister named Dorothy, two years older, and a younger one, June, two years younger.

Richard E. Richman,
a happy guy,
Story by his sister June Dooley
James Richman, his father, had served in France in World War One. The family moved to Sharewood, Wisconsin, while Richard was still pre-school.

When Richard was 15 years old, he saved an eight year old boy from drowning in Lake Michigan. The family knew nothing about it until his Dad read about it in the newspaper ! He did many, many "good deeds" but didn't talk about them.

Richard E. Richman (1924-1944)
Richard E. Richman
(Computer colorized picture)

On December 7, 1941, The United States of America went to war. Dick, (Richard nickname) graduated from High School in 1942. Under his High School graduation picture was the quote - from Sabatini : "he had the gift of laughter and a sense that the World had gone mad".

When he left for service he said : "Hey, don't worry about me - Only the good die young !"
What a true statement !

Dick was a happy guy - sang and whistled about the house. His nickname, in the family was "Dickie Bird". He was kind and considarate. He tought me how to tie my shoes when I was little and tough me how to drive when I was was 16 - Only two things among hundreds. He had a strong faith in God and Jesus-Christ.

James Richman, our father, remarried shortly before Richards death. He was devastated when Dick was killed July 26, 1944 in Périers and died of an heart attack 18 months later ! His grief was on-going and strong. Unfortunately memorabilia about Dick is almost non-existant because his new wife destroyed all reminders of Richard that were on the house, thinking she was helping the situation.

His fate ends tragically
on Wednesday July 26, 1944
on the soil of Périers

Richard E. Richtman  (1924-1944)
Richard E. Richtman

Private Richard Edmund Richtman, SN 36811401 belongs to the F Company of the 2nd Battalion, 359th Regiment of the 90th US Infantry Division.

In the early morning of June 7, 1944, the troop carrier S.S. Suzan B. Anthony, while shipping men towards Utah-Beach, hits a mine and sinks within two hours. The 2.317 men of the 90th, among them is Richard, are all safe and rescued by other ships. There are no lethal casualties, but the men land with no armament or equipment.

53 years later, his younger sister June Dooley
comes to recollect before his grave...
I sworn I would be back some day...
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After seven weeks of a tough hedgerow fight that will successively lead his unit from Utah-Beach to Amfreville, Gourbesville, Prétot, Sainte-Suzanne-en-Bauptois, Lithaire, Mont-Castre (Hill 122), Le-Plessis-Lastelle (Beaucoudray) and Gonfreville, the life of Private Richtman will end tragically on Wednesday July 26, 1944, on the soil of Périers. The survivors of this final battle went on to free Périers the following day, July 27. But before, the 359th Regiment faces the little Sèves river, fiercely defended by German soldiers of the Das Reich Division. On this 26 of July, the bodies of 45 GIs of the 359th Regiment lay on the ground upon the Chemin de l’Hôpital (Hospital Lane). Among them the one of Richard E Richtman.

His brothers in arms relate hour by hour the awful battle : statements from Captain Orwin Talbott, commanding G Company, and from Sergeant Wilton H. Bargar, radio operator for Captain Edward Lienhart, commanding E Company
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Richard E. Richtman  (1924-1944)
Richard E. Richtman

Richard who would never become twenty... His birthday was on November 26, 1944. He is buried in the Omaha-Beach American Cemetery at Colleville Saint-Laurent under the grave C-13-9

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