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Informations for 2nd Term of 99
Progress on May 19

Slowly but surely, our plan is taking shape and getting closer to its final achievement.

When the Board of Directors last met on May 5, we noticed that the amount of money coming from the Subscription was enough to be thinking of a fourth man on the Monument, and of the order of a bust of Bert Espy, the fighter pilot who crashed at Périers on June 24, 1944. This bust should take place inside of the Permanent Exhibit Center. Chairman Henri Levaufre received a full power to place the order for those two extra components with the sculptor Patrick Cottencin (Extra charge engaged : 3,300 US Dollars).

Note : The fourth man will be Tullio Micaloni, symbolizing "the guys in the tanks".

The Memorial, Permanent Exhibit Center
In that same meeting, André Aubert, Local Councilor and Member of the Board of Directors, showed the sketch of the lay-out planned by the Local Council :

According to the Local Council, this room of remembrance could be divided into several parts :

Present members of the Association gave their full agreement to the plans of the Local Council.

If the unveiling of the Monument should happen in the meantime of the Freedom Trail Bicycle Tour called Three Days for Freedom, it could no more happen on June 9, 2000 like previously planned. The tour, that was not allowed to ride on the Whit week-end, had to find another date. We put forward to the Local Council the new dates of Saturday 3 or Sunday 4 in June 2000.

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The Monument

Above : "Final" model of the Monument, designed by © P. Cottencin.

After the former study models designed by Patrick Cottencin, here is the first picture of the "final" model.

Built of reinforced resin, the work will look like bronze. To give a soul and a face to these soldiers, faces will be the ones of Andrew J. Speese, Virgil J. Tangborn and Richard E. Richtman, as agreed upon to the Association by their relatives. All three of them took part in the June 1944 landing.

Note : Thanks to the success of the Subscription, as well in France as in the United-States, the Association has decided to add a fourth man to the Monument. He will be Tullio Micaloni, symbolizing "the guys in the tanks".

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