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Informations for 1st Term of 99

The Subscription
Informations concerning the Subscription during the 1st Term of 99 :

At the present time, replies registered in France cover more than one quarter of the Monument planned expenses. We know, from Colonel Hamilton and Mrs Karen Taylor, that in USA, everything is also going for the best.

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The Information Brochure • Subscription Form
Informations concerning the Information Brochure during the 1st Term of 99 :

The Brochure, at least available, was printed at 5 000 copies, 2 500 in French language, and 2 500 other copies in American language. According to what can be heard from it, this realization is unanimously appreciated.

Just like our Internet site, this Brochure appears to be a great communication carrier for our projects. A first batch including several hundreds copies, distributed both in France and in the USA, has put the subscription into orbit.

We here want to thank our volunteers who, in France just like in the United-States, exert lavishly to perform mailing, mail management and daily keeping of the account books.

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Miscellaneous Informations during the 1st Term of 99 :

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