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Aiken Standard November 8, 98
By Carl Langley
A journey of discovery and remembrance - Last spring Bill Gassman stood under an overcast sky on a windswept Normandy beach and felt the emotions surging within
France Magazine Winter 1993-94
By Karen Taylor
Keepers of the Flame - There are those who believe that the greatest tragedy of war is that it is so soon forgotten. On the following pages, FRANCE Magazine profiles individuals who have shown an extraordinary devotion to keeping the memory alive
Houston Chronicle June 1, 1994
By Cragg Hines
Thunder presaged Allies : 3 men in Norman town tell of '44 liberation - Périers, France - For this old Norman town, the Allied liberation of Europe began as distant thunder. "We heard the bombing far away," recalled Henri Levaufre, who was with his mother at the family's cafe about 15 miles from the invasion coast. "It woke me up," said Roger Desrez. Claude Pasturel was just down the road, at Coutances, in boarding school. "My father came by bicycle to pick me up," Pasturel remembered.
Manche Libre July 27, 97 Lights and stones - Journey through the Marshland. Around 9 p.m. on July 19, 60 people climbed onto a bus in Coutances then Périers. They had two aims : first discover the environment of marshes with Christine Livory, who is a guide in the Tourist Office and secondly get aware of the terrible events of the battle of Normandy with Henri Levaufre, a local historian
April 3, 99 Sharing what happened to the guys - A Memorial, a Book, a Place of Remembrance. Three main goals for the Association "Normandy 44 - 90th US Division". Surrounded by a countless amount of archives, Chairman Henri Levaufre only knows one aim : to share the memory of the men, of those American soldiers who suffered a great deal on the lands of Normandy in 1944. Recollection and emotion
June 12, 99 Tribute to civilian victims - A ceremony was held on June 7, with about 200 participants, to the memory of civilian victims from bombings on June 8, 1944 in Périers
February 27, 2000 On June 2, 3 and 4 • three themes, three festive days : Périers will celebrate year 2000 with great ceremonies on June 2 , 3 and 4. International bicycle ride "the 3 days for Freedom", put back Saint-Jules with night show and inauguration of the Monument of the Association Normandy44 - 90th US Division... The audience will have three days to decline the words Freedom, History and Memory.
Ouest France July 25, 97 Pilgrimage in honor of Gi R. E. Richtman - June Dooley, sister of an American soldier Richard E. Richtman, killed for the release of Périers, was presented the City Medal. On July 27, 1944, Richard E. Richtman, an American soldier of the 359th Regiment of the 90th US Division, was killed in action for the release of Périers in a sunken country lane named "chemin de l’hôpital". He was 20
November 9, 98 Normandy 44 : Monument dedicated to the 90th Infantry Division - "Normandy 44 - 90th US Division", the last born of the Associations in Périers was officially created on August 24th 1998. On the sides of Chairman Henri Levaufre, fifteen or so volunteers just will to pay a concrete tribute to the soldiers of the American 90th Infantry Division, the one that liberated Périers on July 27th 1944
December 11, 98
By Dominique Morisot
The Town of mid-Manche wants to pay its tribute to the 90th US Division - Périers says "thank you" to its liberators. Périers, located in the center of the department of La Manche, was liberated by the 90th US Division on July 27th 1944. Today a few fellows got together within an Association named Normandy 44 - 90th US Division, want to pay a concrete tribute to the liberators of the town. A Monument, a museum and a "Memory Walk" should take place in the town within year 2000
February 19, 99 Périers Country : a tribute to its liberators - Normandy 44 surfs on the Web. Although being the last born in Périers, the Association Normandy 44 - 90th US Division is not the less active of them. Founded a few months ago in order to pay a tribute to the American Veterans of the 90th Infantry Division (the one who liberated Périers in 1944), the Association dear to its Chairman Henri Levaufre decided to live in accordance with its time by creating its own site on the Internet
June 8, 99 55th Anniversary : three nations reunited - Approximately two hundred people attended the ceremonies marking the commemoration for the 55th anniversary of D-Day. In a symbolic deed, now usual in Périers, American Veterans of the 90th Division and German ones have bowed down before the War Memorial, beside the French population
June 8, 99 American and German Veterans at La Cambe - There has been a twinningfor twenty years between the German 6th Paratrooper Regiment and the 90th US Infantry Division. On Sunday, Veterans from both sides have met again at La Cambe cemetery
June 9, 99 "Seves Island" (Saint-Germain-sur-Sèves) : memories are still acute - The little village of Saint-Germain-sur-Sèves has celebrated the 55th Anniversary of both the Allied Landing and Liberation, remembering the tough fights that occured in the area in 1944 along with the progress of the allied forces. At the Low Water Ford (Gué de la Petite Eau) memories of the Seves Island (Saint-Germain-sur-Sèves) battle are still acute
June 9, 99 Millières : 55 years ago, they liberated the town - They were18, 19, 20 years old in 1944. Fifty-five years later, twelve American Veterans belonging to the 28th Regiment of the 8th Infantry Division came back on a pilgrimage at the scene where, from July 8 to 28 1944, they conducted tough fights to reach France liberation. A stele has been erected by the town in their honour
June 28, 99 US Veteran Mac Conahey visits Périers - Last Monday, Périers received Doctor William Mac Conahey, surgeon for the American troops landed onto the soil of Normandy in June 1944
September 8, 99 Jean Le Garrec, guest of Normandy 44 - Jean Le Garrec, former Minister for State services, and distinguished visitor of the exhibition loft of the Association Normandy 44, has expressed his wide admiration for the project of building a Memorial dedicated to the 90th US Division
September 24, 99 American Surintendent Joseph Rivers leaves Colleville-sur-Mer - At the head of the cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer for 17 years, Surintendent Joseph Rivers is appointed to the Meuse department. He is leaving with regret a charge he is fond of and a country he enjoys
October 23-24, 99 Normandy 44 : projects in course - For the first General Meeting of its young history, the Association Normandy 44 - 90th US Division welcomed about fifty persons in a room of the Civil Centre. Review and projects were presented to the public in front of the model of the future Monument realized by the sculptor Patrick Cottencin
February 23, 2000 Périers : Three festive days scheduled in June : On the occasion of the inauguration of the Monument dedicated to the 90th US Division, Périers decided to concentrate its main annual fair days on three consecutive days which will mark with a white stone this year 2000. Freedom, History, Memory, on next June 2 , 3 and 4. Périers enters on holiday
February 23, 2000 Bicycle Ride for Freedom : in saddle for the 2000 edition : Since 1986, the Way of Freedom drove its participants from the coasts of La Manche to Bastogne, on the steps of the armies of Generals Patton and Leclerc.
Presse de la Manche October 22, 99 Périers will soon have its Monument, and then its Place of Memory - On Tuesday, on the occasion of the General Meeting, the Association Normandy 44-90th US Division reviewed on the progress of the works
February 20, 2000 Great Festivities in Périers on June 2,3 and 4 :
This year, on the occasion of the inauguration of the commemorative Monument of the Liberation of the city, Périers organizes great festivities during three days.
Stars & Stripes September 14, 98
By Dick Maggrett
French, Americans collaborating On WWII Memorial At Normandy Honoring U.S. Unit - A newly created French-American Association plans to erect a Monument in Normandy to honor U.S. soldiers of the 90th Infantry Division who fought there in WWII

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