The NORMANDY 44 - 90th US Division Association was born in the evening of June 23rd 1998 from the will of a few fellows after Henri Levaufre (European representative of the 90th Infantry Division, American crack unit which liberated Périers on July 27th 1944 ) had shown them a plan taking their fancy.
Let us say first Henri was fully the one who initiated things. In a previous meeting held on February 1998 he had already claimed his wish to :

" Found a society aiming at first to build up
a Monument dedicated to the men
of the 90th Infantry Division."

Every one of us was already well aware of the huge research and assistance work that Henri had been leading for the past 35 years, in helping the Veterans, making the most of their sacrifice, collecting evidence from all the witnesses, assisting the Veterans and their relatives when they were coming back on the spots of the fights, welcoming all those who at the end of WWII had got back home keeping deep in their heart memory of Normandy and of a little town named : Périers.
Everyone of us was already well aware of Henri’s hearing by the highest American military or civilian authorities. We also knew he was highly regarded all over the States.

But although he is French, Henri is by far much known in the States than in France. Many articles about him in papers and magazines within the States can show that evidence. In 1994 six TV channels came across the Atlantic because they were interested in his works. CNN broadcasted 23 minutes about him !

So were we all in agreement to get further with him on the way of recollection and ready to help him to succeed.

NORMANDY 44 - 90th US Division is therefore aiming to :

But the first purpose is the building
of a Commemorative Monument.

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